Feel free to choose any concert programme for your concert venue.

If you have special programme wishes, I am willing and happy to use my creativity to work on new concert programmes fitting for your event.
Requests of different arrangements and pieces are always welcome.

The young, dynamic and virtuoso Saxophone Quartet,
consisting of four Austrian Saxophonists ( Martina Stückler, Viola Jank, Lukas Seifried, Johannes Weichinger) tries to reach and enchant the audience with colourful pieces from Baroque to Contemporary Music.
The quartet offers original compositions for saxophone, but feels very comfortable in exploring diverse arrangements of world repertoire as well. The Quartet recorded their new Cd Newsorgsky and will play their debut concerts at Wiener Konzerthaus in season 2019.
Aureum Saxophone Quartet is specially focussing on children concerts to arouse the general interest and education in music of our young generation.
Pachelbel, Bach, Mendelssohn, Mussorgsky, Piazzolla, Glass, Cerha..
Begin your musical journey with Aureum Saxophone Quartet!

Ecstatic rhythms, beautiful melodies of desire, flaming fire and passion.
That´s all included in passionate Tango music.
Enjoy Astor Piazzolla´s famous Histoire du Tango with all its facets, moods and emotions.
A synonym for passion, temperament, longing, melancholy, hate and love
performed on the sensual saxophone.

The programme promises a special concert evening with inflamed compositions by Piazzolla and other Tango composers.
Who would not like to get overwhelmed, enchanted and seduced by this music?

As Poems touch us with their meaningful words,
music speaks with us in its own powerful and mystical language,
filled with unexplainable moods and deep emotions.
A sounding poem, trying to reach and touch us,
using words close from our heart.
Expressing a hidden life, with all its longings,
desires and wishes - without borders.
Where language stops, music begins as poetry of our heart :

Franck violin sonata, Brahms clarinet sonata No. 2, Chopin Valses
Truly the music of angels, apart from life, spiritual and exalted.
Not reflecting the life of the body,
nor that of the mind, but the life of the spirit.
An enchanting concertprogramme performed on the saxophone by Martina Stückler

Saxophone and Baroque,
a rather interesting and exotic combination,
bringing together two different worlds -
connecting the old with the new.
Not to ransack the original compositions,
but to let them shine in a new and respectful light,
with different colours and atmospheres.
A concertprogramme which creates a new listening experience,
between the times.
Enchanting the audience with the wide variety of colours,
played on different types of saxophones.
Immerse yourself open minded into the world of Baroque
interpreted by Martina Stückler.
Bach Cello Suites, Teleman Suite TWV 41:a2, Platti Flute Sonata in G

Sad lyricism and strong force are joint together in Albright´s Sonata,
describing the Mad Dance of Life and Death.
The piece begins with bell-like sounds in the saxophone
which can be seen as an announcement of the opening of the struggle with death,
losing the battle in the end of the second movement.
The Scherzo represents the ascent into a spirit while the 4 mouvement-
Recitative and Dance begins with a long solo cadenza
in the saxophone before the strong, powerful and unexpectable Mad Dance of Life starts.

Visuddhi by Peter Šavli awakens the spiritual energy in us.
The center of body and spirituality
in the throat area is called Visuddhi in Sanskrit language,
the holy language of Hinduism.
Vish' means poison or dirtiness and 'suddhi' means to clean.
The visuddhi chakra bridges the heart and the mind.
When that space is clear, it integrates the wisdom of both,
allowing profound spiritual truths to flow freely.

A very touching, spiritual and contemporary
concert programme which allows the audience to
explore the world of special soundeffects on the saxophone.
Albright Sonata, Šavli Visuddhi

Saxophone and Harp, a very special and unique combination melting together to one instrument.
The timbres of the two instruments - so wide and different, but blending perfectly and creating a special ,enchanting atmosphere.
Saint-Saëns Fantaisie op.124 arranged for Saxophone and Harp creates mysterious,
calm moods which are seducing the senses and stimulating our imaginations.
An unique and special concert opportunity to explore the wonderful sounds of saxophone and harp,-
creating an elegant, sophisticated dreamlike atmosphere,far away from reality.
Simply, music to dream!
Gotkovsky, Lateef, Saint-Saëns